“Salmon Ella” Set of two Prints




Some of the pilots who flew the “Hump” between India and China in World War II are still flying today. And so are some of the planes.
The painting, “Salmon Ella” is a salute to those men and aircraft. In particular, it is to the never give-up pilots and mechanics at Everts Air. Every day they keep C-46’s, “Dumbo”, “Hot Stuff”, “Maid in Japan” and “Salmon Ella” flying payloads to beaches, gravel strips and frozen lakes all over the far North.
Everts crew keep their “antiques” in top flying condition. Their senior pilots have trained a new generation of pilots for a level of skill far beyond that required for controlled airport operations.
For all of us who live in Alaska, the sound and sight of these big old tail draggers in flight provides a living connection to those routes of “unmapped terrain thought to be in excess of 16,0000 feet” across south Asia more than 70 years ago.

Sandy Jamieson

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