What is the difference between an Original and a Print?

All prints are simply copies of original works of art. For quick reference, we say it's either a print or an original.

Can I purchase an original?

Yes you can. Please contact Sandy.

What is a Lithograph?

Before the development of photography, copies of color art images were made by a process using engraved stones to press the colors into paper or cloth. "Lithograph" translates as "Stone Print". The term lithograph came to be used for any printed picture (as opposed to printed words) regardless of the actual process used to produce it.

What is a Giclee Print?

A high quality ink-jet printing method. May be on canvas or paper.

What is a Limited Edition Print (l/e)?

A printed image in which the number of prints issued will be limited by the artist at a fixed price. This is usually signed and numbered, for example 1/100.

What is an Artist's Proof (AP)?

A small number of prints, usually no more than 10% of the limited edition prints, retained for direct sale with no fixed price. This is usually signed and numbered, for example AP 1/10.

What is an Open Edition Print (o/e)?

A print, signed by the artist in which the number of prints issued is not declared, with no fixed price.

What is a Poster?

It is essentially an open edition print. But often is connected with a specific event or place and contains printed text.

What is a Remarque?

A small original work painted or drawn on to a print by the artist. Price varies.

Do you do Commissions?

Yes. As of August 2018 there is approximately two year waiting period for commission work.

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