“Coast Guard Goose” Print


Coast Guard Goose is a canvas print, “Gallery Wrap” style, ready to hang.

Please contact the studio at 907 479-3608

  • Image Size: 21 in. high x 28 in. wide




– Shades of the Past! – a US Coast Guard “Goose” out of Pensacola, on a routine beach patrol along the West Florida Gulf Coast, spots some suspicious migrants from the North near St. George Island.

Originally designed in the 1930’s for wealthy financiers as a commuter “flying boat” between Long Island and the Hudson River in New York City, it was  later modified and produced  for the war effort.

These great old Grumman Aircraft still fly actively today in Alaska, Canada and a few other remote, watery places. It’s always a stirring sight, no matter which side of the beach you are on!

Sandy Jamieson


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