Big Ravens Note Cards


Includes one dozen Note Cards & Envelopes.

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5 x 7 Note Card with narrative on the back.


Insulated against the deep cold, fluffed with extra layers, humans and ravens look a lot alike.

The scene is Fairbanks, on Two Street, about 1985, near a popular cold weather clothing store. But it could be any roughly built little town “North of 60,” cut into a frozen riverbank in a sprawling landscape of wildfire forest and icy mountains. That is, anywhere in Big Raven country.

Trappers, mushers, roughnecks, ravens, and other wildlife come “in” to these places for a bit of relative ease and society. To them, after weeks of flapping through endless snowy bush for a few wolf leftovers, a smoky little bar and grill is a grand and welcome sight.

They are an independent lot, but don’t try to beat the country or the climate on terms of beauty or toughness. They dress for warmth, not looks, and flock together when they can, to help each other get through another winter.


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